SANTA FE, NM | May 21, 2019 The Parador Inn is proud to announce its first artist in residence, David Grey, international leader in contemplative design, from June 1-15, 2019. The program will include two free public teaching sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of Grey’s unique Artful Awareness practice.

This will be the first artist-in-residence session hosted by The Parador, a charming boutique hotel nestled in the midst of historic downtown Santa Fe. The event is planned in line with The Parador’s vision to become an artistic center for the town, where creative minds can come together and express their art and learn from another.

“We are incredibly proud to be welcoming David Grey as our first artist in residence at The Parador,” said Evan Geisler. “David has taught his practice of Artful Awareness around the world, from Kuwait to New Delhi to Sao Paolo, and we are delighted to have him do the same here in Santa Fe. There will be daily meditations, public teachings, and general good vibes.”

To me, Santa Fe is the most creative, contemplative, and uplifted community in this entire country. I’m so excited to return for two weeks and spend time creating, meditating, and sharing.
— David Grey

Members of the public are invited to attend two free public teaching sessions, hosted by David Grey at The Parador this June:


Exploring Graphic Design as Contemplative Art: Ground, Path, and Fruition of a Mindful Design Practice


Artful Awareness: Meditation for Creative Minds

Advanced notice is not necessary to attend these sessions, and all creatives are encouraged to drop in at 220W Manhatten Ave, Santa Fe.

The Parador plans to host an artist in residence twice annually, and interested artists are invited to get in touch at


About The Parador

The Parador Is a unique boutique hotel located in the historic downtown district of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It hosts 15 rooms - nine courtyard-facing rooms, four main-house rooms, and two suites in the adjacent 1912 coachman’s house (a New Mexican Historically Significant Property) - and a variety of outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy. The Parador strives to be an artistic center for the town of Santa Fe, hosting an artist-in-residence program and other events where local creative minds can come together.

About David Grey

David Grey is the Chair of Visual Communications at Endicott College. Prior to this, he was the founding chair of the Graphic Design Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Teaching a practice called "Artful Awareness", David has lead international contemplative design workshops at universities and cultural centers throughout the world in Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, New Delhi, and, most recently, Kuwait. He is a longterm buddhist meditation practitioner, the founder of Sun Mountain School of Contemplative Art, and the publisher of Cottage Scholar (a contemplative design practice).

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